Intensive Driving Courses in Bournemouth

With Crash Courses Driving School you can book your intensive driving course, ranging from a one day re-test (rescue) course for someone who has recently failed a driving test, up to our 40 hour beginner course. We normally recommend this is taken over a two week period, but as with all our courses, you can learn at your pace.

Learners choose to take a crash / intensive course for many different reasons. Maybe starting a new job, or taking the opportunity to learn to drive quickly during college or university holidays. Whatever the reason, we have created a range of varied course options so you're sure to find something to match your requirements. If you're struggling to decide, call the Crash Courses Driving School team, who will be able to offer expert advice and guidance. 

Have a look at our fantastic 'pass in a week' course for the intermediate learner or the confident beginner - start as early as next week. Due to Bournemouth no longer having it's own driving test centre, your closest test centre would be Poole. Your allocated instructor will ensure that you will be familiar with test conditions in the Poole area.   

Practical Driving Tests in Bournemouth

Bournemouth was fortunate to have its own test centre up until February 2019. However, due to flooding and damage to the building, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) decided to close Bournemouth driving test centre.

Candidates now have to travel an additional 6 miles to the driving test centre at Poole. Frustrating for instructors and candidates alike, however when you book your intensive course with Crash Courses Driving School, a fast-track practical test is included with the price, so you'll beat those waiting times for tests by weeks or even months!

Poole Test Centre
4-20 Harwell Road
Nuffield Industrial Estate
BH17 0SA
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Need to pass your theory test? Try our theory test help course.
0333 355 0344

Driving Courses

Theory Tests in Bournemouth

Whilst Bournemouth no longer has a practical driving test centre, it does boast a theory test centre. It can be reached by car and does have its own car park. There are two bus stops very close to the theory test centre and the train is less than a mile away. Theory tests can normally be booked within 7 days.

3rd Floor, Roddis House
Old Christchurch Road
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